Yesterday I started learning something new in Math class: Matrixes. I had heard about it many times before, but to be honest, I was thankful I never had to do new things in math, although math is full of surprises and explanations to things. Apart from being something complicated to grasp at first, learning about matrixes made me think all the time: How could anyone come up with this?! Whoever keeps saying math is not an art is wrong. All these important mathematicians were creative enough to come up with the idea of finding this ONE point.

Creating math

Is math something that is already there and we can just discover it? Not invent it? Probably yes, although, probably no. If it is, then its existance is implicit. We can’t see it unless we have the creativity to imagine that there could be math behind this one thing. Then its existance is microscopic, like cells (we couldn’t see cells until they discovered they existed and we can only see them through a microscope.)

Math lets us see the patterns behind things, the numerical explanation, the formula of things. Do leaves become by following the Fibonacci sequence? The formula comes first, and then the leaf? Yes, the Fibonacci sequence is probably/definetely impregnated in the DNA of a leaf. This means math is part of the basis of things; the code of so many things, if not all. Could math be the God? It makes sense that it is something big, the logic behind things, perhaps the way to find the tangible explanation of the universe and beyond.

Yes, I live by the idea (or try to) that life is just there to be lived, no explanation needed (yeah right). There is no meaning more than living it to the fullest, but yes, life could be part of a formula or pattern like the Matrix which led to all that life is now.

The Matrix is, apparently, one of the inspirations for the movie, which is also inspired by Descartes’ Evil Deceiver. The idea that all we can really be certain of is that we are thinking. However, there is a possibility that we are all just a creation of the Evil Deceiver, that being who is experimenting with us and making us see, sense, and live all that we think we are seeing, sensing, and living. When in reality, we might just be a small particle living in a jar full of water with cables connected to all of our bodies in order to make us feel the different things the Evil Deceiver wants us to feel for whatever his purpose (boredom? Psychological experiment?). Perhaps we are all just part of a scientific experiment by scientists who are so advanced in science that they have created us from a different dimension. Could math be the source to dig deeper into the rabbit hole?

Yet, the fact that I’m writing this makes me think it’s pure bullshit. But that’s the magic of life: that everything is actually a possibility. All of this could sound just like a crazy idea by someone trying to pass time, but in reality, it could be possible, and I know I’m not wrong about this, unless math can prove me incorrect.

Anyways, math leads to so many places. It’s hard for me to think a mathematician is no artist, because he creates the idea of searching for the mathematical explanation to the most random of things.


  • Photo is from a wall in Lucca, which I came across the day after writing this! (Everything is connected to everything!)

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