Liberación Pudorosa

Aprendí la palabra “pudor” cuando muy chica. Es que me daba tanta vergüenza que cualquiera me viera pilucha, hasta mi mamá, mi hermana, mis amigas. Cada vez que me cambiaba les decía a todas que se dieran vuelta, “¡no mires!” “¿No estás mirando verdad?” “¡Te dije que no miraras”!  Y obvio siempre mi tía, mamá

Berghain Virginity

When I started getting into the techno and clubbing scene, the infamous club, Berghain became my ultimate goal. Not that I knew what it actually meant, but everyone talked about it. If you had been inside, you had something. Only around 3% of the people who try, actually get in, like NYUAD’s acceptance rate. I