Turning Silence Into Words

Every summer in Chile the highway gets clogged with cars of all types and sizes. Endless traffic jams cause you to take up to three additional hours to get to your final destination. For the most part, this is due to all the people going on holidays to the beach, lake, country side or just


Four months living in the bellisima student città di Bologna with 4 cozy, carini, best conquilini italiani (and one from Cameroon)             has given me the chance to meet even more Italians, more cities and regions, and learn more about the Italian culture from insider’s perspectives (and eat a lot

El Plomo

Cúando se murió Jano, el papá de Mae, lo cremaron. Sus hijos cumplieron su deseo, y dejaron la mitad de sus cenizas en Vichuquén, y la otra mitad en El Plomo. Por eso descubrí el Plomo y lo subí por primera vez hace 10 años atrás con un grupo gigante de unas 15 personas. Hace


Yesterday I started learning something new in Math class: Matrixes. I had heard about it many times before, but to be honest, I was thankful I never had to do new things in math, although math is full of surprises and explanations to things. Apart from being something complicated to grasp at first, learning about

Road to Budapest, Road to Belgrade

This is Åsa (pronounced Osa), from Sweden, although for me, Argentinian Latina at heart. She lived for years in Argentina and the first time I heard her speak I simply thought she was from there. To put it simply, she’s crazy, and when she realized we had a week of Fall Break in October, she told

Questioning Myself

The following is a piece I wrote three years ago. It is one of my favorite personal written works because it deals with a subject that clouded my mind many times when I was little. I’ve read the essay every time I encounter it ever since and I never feel it’s outdated. The subject it

Marrakech Overview

¡¿Cómo explicar Marrakech?! Aunque estuvimos solo dos días y tres noches, fue suficiente para formarme una opinión sobre la ciudad más loca y desordenada en la que he estado. Llegamos el 5 de enero cuando ya estaba oscuro y llovía. Nos vino a buscar el guía que nos iba a llevar al Sahara para llevarnos